Route calls to Devices

With hosted cloud telephony, you can make calls on any device with or without internet connection. It could be your phone, tablet, laptop, office PC just register your device and setup the call routes.

Build your own call flow 

Use the intuitive drag and drop feature provided with our hosted PBX to create intelligent call flows to enhance your business operations and also improve customer service.

360 View of your Comms  

You don't have to break the bank or setup costly IT infrastructure to enjoy what the big guys are enjoying. You can at the click of a mouse have complete control over how your telephone services are delivered.

Quick Setup

You might think the power of the telephony service demands that weeks be spent at your premises diging through walls. Well no one has the time, so we do this in minutes without any drills remotely

Keep tab over your phone cost

Only pay for calls you have made or receive and the same applies to texts. Our line rental cost as little £2.00/month, now that's a KFC lunch box money that can be wisely invested

Pay as you Grow

Add a number as and when you desire, or drop it when no longer required. Route calls to as many people or devices as much as you need without paying any additional cost

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How Does it Work?

Order a Number

Search for a telephone number of your choice from different cities around the world. Regional prices applies

We provision it

Our engineers will quickly respond to your order and start setting up your hosted communication solution

You Use it

Your number becomes instantly available and ready to be used after completing a successful order